Creating moss art on the wall


Author: Dragana

Something we really, really like to do is to decorate walls with moss art! It’s so simple, and yet, it gives the impression of a true masterpiece! Let’s describe you the creative process a bit closer, using the metaphor of a painter.

Moss wall

Moss art creation

First, as you know, a painter takes his canvas and starts to measure to make the best spatial arrangement and convey his idea. Our canvas is the wall that we need to fill with the moss. When we check the space where the implementation of the moss is planned, measuring and marking where to put the pieces takes place.

Moss detail

After measuring, the painter takes his brush, dips into the paint color and withdraws strokes, creating various shapes and shadows. His idea slowly comes to life on canvas. For us the „paint“ is moss. Placing the green pieces with subtle differences in color is our way of „painting“. Creating miniature landscapes on the wall, imitating curved forms that can be found in nature, we try to revive nature indoors. In the end, the painter creates a new masterpiece, and we get a rich green colored wall which will continue to inspire.

Moss on a wall

Mirraggio Hotel Spa

The pictures you can see are from our recent project at the 5-star Mirraggio hotel’s spa space in Paliouri, Halkidiki. The Miraggio hotel is surrounded by nature, so the indoor moss wall follows the aesthetics of the exterior perfectly. The moss wall at the spa area creates pleasant environment. The guests can relax fully, as the green color leaves a calming effect that can only be found in nature.

Moss art in a spa

More and more clients are opting to have this green solution as a part of their interior. It’s something new, different, beautiful and thus very attractive. Did you know that people can see more shades of green than any other color? If you decide to place a moss wall, it will certainly not go unnoticed!

Where would you like to have your piece of moss art?