Colorful summer garden


Author: Dragana

Every garden needs to be irrigated well in order to thrive, but it is also important to save water especially during the summer time. Xeriscaping is a type of gardening that reduces water consumption and generally has many advantages. It makes the maintenance easier, it substantially decreases water consumption and the plants used can survive even the hottest weather.

Our new project of such type is the garden located in a resort used mostly during the summer months in Halkidiki, Greece. The original garden had only lawn and we inserted lots of color by adding drought tolerant plants that fit the Mediterranean climate.

Mediterranean plants are very often used for garden design in many different ways both individually and in combinations. These plants can survive even the driest and hottest summers and they offer a variety of color, scent and texture. Drought tolerant plants maintain their aesthetics and quality while they thrive in high heat and low water conditions.

Adding this kind of plants in the garden resulted in a huge drop of water usage for the irrigation of the garden, which made it both sustainable and beautiful. How do you like it?