Cheers to… Vita Verde 10 years!


Author: Dragana

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when days are filled with fresh breeze, sunny weather and blooming gardens. Mesmerizing beauty of spring and its renewing and reviving power always reminds us of our beginnings. This time of the year and this very special day is so important for us because today we are celebrating Vita Verde’s 10th birthday!

Vita Verde 10 years ago…

Looking back at everything we achieved throughout these years, evokes memories of our first steps on this green journey that started with a vision of bringing nature closer to people!

Ambition to provide healthier and greener urban environments defined Vita Verde’s first products – planters! From then on, our products and services became much more diverse, advanced and multifunctional. Our innovative space saving solutions and their beneficial sustainable designs attracted attention overseas as well!

The highlights of today

Today, we can say that we truly have achieved a lot and we are proud of our thriving solutions that provide unlimited creative possibilities. One of the highlights of our dedication and work is one of our new attractive products – moss art which is trending in interior design and is a true master piece! Our new vertical garden system and cascading vivid plants create a sense of wellbeing and a great space saving luxurious addition. We are currently working on embellishing one of the most exclusive 5-star hotels in Greece with our roof gardens and gardens. The list goes on…

And the most important part

All that would not be possible without the people. The amount of our amazing team members has grown a lot during the past years. Their positive energy, professionalism and dedication make us who we are today! Thank you!

We are also grateful to all of our amazing clients and suppliers who believed in us and in our solutions which made many spaces more inviting, attractive, but at the same time ecologically friendly and lively! Without your shared vision of healthier and innovative designs, we wouldn’t have achieved all of this today.

Stay tuned

We believe that being surrounded by great people and the benefits of nature gives us energy to create and involve ourselves in everything we do with passion and love. We have a lot of new exciting goals that we want to achieve together with you in the years to come!

Thank you for sharing our ambition of a greener world and stay tuned for more updates regarding our anniversary, news and surprises!