Building green bridges


Author: Dragana

Companies without borders build bridges to other countries and establish international relations. Vitaverde built a green bridge to Belgrade, Serbia and brought its not ordinary space to the roof of the Netherlands embassy.

The roof of the building, located in the very center of the city, is a space where diplomatic ceremonies take place. Our ‘diplomatic mission’ was, while people make connections among themselves, to connect them with nature, too.

An existing building- big or small- can always become greener, so we decided to use as much space as we could and built a garden up. We created a wooden installation with green wall windows and implemented many plants and pots, which made this mission turn into a success. The connection with nature was established, so was memorable and enduring quality of the space ensured.

The aim of bringing the nature close to people leads and inspires us constantly. We believe that green thinking of this diplomatic community, together with our common challenge, will encourage others to go towards a more ecological direction and follow the example.

And in the end, what else to say but- Let the next green party begin!