Best Of: Vertical Gardens – Volume II


Author: Dragana

Every vertical garden has its own design and selection of plants. Although the aesthetic result is of great importance, the selection of species requires long-term thinking. The reason for that is minimizing future maintenance demands and taking care that the garden flourishes for many years to come. The plants are alive and always developing, that’s why the garden gets a new shape over time. It is constantly changing its spectacular appearance into a different and even more impressive one. The colors of the plants, texture and form are combined in a way to gain the desirable aesthetic and practical result. While choosing plants, specific environmental characteristics such as local and micro climate, sun exposure and many other factors need to be taken into consideration.

The irrigation system is essential since vertical gardens live with limited root space and the basic way to provide the plants with the necessary substances is through water. It is designed to reduce water consumption and functions automatically. Not only water is important for a vertical garden’s existence, but also the light. Artificial light may be needed indoor and it helps emphasizing the colors and textures of plants.

Vitaverde designs and constructs vertical gardens of any kind and size. We enjoy creating Not Your Ordinary Space and we hope you enjoyed these two vertical garden stories.