Best Of: Vertical Gardens – Volume I


Author: Dragana

A vertical garden is a living organism which is applied mostly in urban gardening and hence also called living wall. It grows on a vertical surface, which is a completely natural way of growing plants and there are many examples of this phenomenon in the nature. Vertical gardens are a perfect solution for urban living where space on the ground is very limited and the available vertical surfaces can be used in this unique way. The concept was firstly used a few centuries BC in Babylon and after many years has been developed with different technologies.

A vertical garden can be installed both indoors and outdoors, even in places that could never be thought of as suitable for growing plants. The construction that supports it easily adapts to any geometry and is not too heavy, so a vertical garden can be integrated almost everywhere. The newly developing ecosystems are very good for the environment since they reduce overall temperature of a building, filter the air and can also be used for water reuse.

Vertical gardens are works of art and the beauty of the plants combined can be fascinating. No longer are you limited to grow your favorite plants in a garden of your backyard. Bring your garden into your home, your workspace and enjoy both the aesthetic impression and the benefits a vertical garden provides to the environment.

We’re sure you want to stay tuned for the Volume II where we’ll be talking about vertical garden design and irrigation. See you then!