All the beauty of a moss wall


Author: Dragana

It’s been a stressful week at the office. Time is short and you are thinking about all the things you still have to finish. You need something to shift you to a positive thinking place right away, to help you find your balance again. Then you look at the soft green moss shapes on the wall and you instantly switch to a more relaxed and peaceful place. You can almost feel the soft pad under your feet and smell the freshness in the air. Your breath becomes deeper, your gaze softens, worrying thoughts are slowly turning down. This is how a moss wall can embellish your everyday life and reduce the level of your stress. At work, home or at any business space of yours, a moss wall transfers outdoor world into indoor.

Measuring the wall Vitaverde moss wall

Ikos Oceania Hotel located in Nea Moudania (Halkidiki), didn’t want to miss out this lovely and conducive new trend in interior designing. Our cooperation was first established over an architectural office named Nimand Architects, who needed a reliable partner to help them implement green solutions in the process of the complete hotel renovation. This exclusive hotel wanted to build an appealing moss wall inside the spa area in order to maximize its purpose and that is to make people let go of everyday worries and relax their minds and bodies fully. The behind this project was to create tiny landscapes on the wall imitating naturally curved shapes and forms, adding the sense of calmness and therapeutic softness in the spa area.

Drawing on the wall Vitaverde moss wall

Let’s have a closer look of how one of our colleagues revived this 28 square meters moss wall:

“The whole process started with an idea our designers put on the paper. I then needed to convey what’s on the paper to a real wall“, says our colleague. “Measuring, accurately determining and marking where to put the moss parts is the next step. Then comes the best – setting up the green biologically mummified real moss (which doesn’t require lots of maintenance) and creating miniature landscapes on the wall. Shortly afterwards, we got a rich green colored painting on the wall which stimulates and relaxes eyes of the observer.“

Putting moss on the wall Vitaverde

Luxurious and attractive moss wall with subtle differences in color creates the sensation of expansiveness, freedom from noise and daily distraction. Anyone who passes next to this wall will want to stop next to and enjoy. It’s a reminder that everyone needs to slow down from time to time,  breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

Vitaverde moss wall

Would you like a moss wall like this for your office space or home?