A workshop that led us to the sky – Ecoweek Vitaverde workshop


Author: Dragana

Creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork and enthusiasm are the key ingredients of a successful and productive workshop. These were the characteristics of all Ecoweek Belgrade workshops and their participants who enthusiastically entered this whole-week event taking part for the first time in Serbia.  The first day of Ecoweek Belgrade 2012 was full of interesting and inspirational lectures with discussions about urban ecosystems, landscape and eco architecture, cultural and genuine sustainability, green marketing and how to be a productive team.

Workshop 1

The Ecoweek Belgrade Vitaverde workshop was a unique experience for our whole team and we feel that participants enjoyed it as much as we did. Coordinating a group of young people with so many ideas, energy and enthusiasm was very special and unique. The fact that they were working on a real project which is possibly going to be realized at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce increased motivation even more. The group shared many different ideas, they both learned from and taught each other many things and the final result of this synergetic experience turned out to be really impressive.

In a short period of time the team thought of an interesting concept for making the atrium of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce a more vivid and pleasant space.  They didn’t mind working hard because they were led by the same common goal of creating something beautiful, green and different.

We believe that all Ecoweek participants will share and spread their experience and the knowledge they gained during the workshops. And if there is one thing we learned during the last days it is that the sky is the limit!