A green café – Il Mondo


Author: Dragana

A green café that stands out in the city streets

Returning home from the work after a hard day, or taking a walk on a day off… one’s thinking to get some refreshment and relax in one of the city’s cafés. But which one to choose? A green café with lots of flowers in the outside garden draws attention. Fresh renewing greenery intertwined with blue and purple flowers alluding to the calmness of the sea invites for a moment of break.

Green wall flowers

Being different

The owner of this green café in Stavros, Greece wanted to decorate its exterior so it would stand out for its beauty and differ in the city streets. Plants contribute to special aesthetics of this Mediterranean town, and make the outdoor environment of the café more involved in the seaside-town atmosphere. What is special and what brought even more differentiation from the other similar places is that the plants are implemented within a green wall system, something that’s eye catching and interesting.

il mondo cafe stavros, green wall

Choice of plants

Taking into account the client’s wish for blue and purple flowers and the need for the place to be greener, we chose 4 different plant species. Blue itself evokes calmness and tranquillity, whilst purple raises awareness and awakens the subconscious mind so that people can completely focus on the moment in which they are – with fresh juice in their hands, or a plate of delicious pasta in front of them.

Purple/green flowers

If you want to embellish your open spaces and attract a lot of guests this summer season, what better way than to decorate it with greenery and colorful flowers. Make your visitors want to go back to your place.

Would you like to make your café or bar stand out the same way? How would you like to decorate it?