A contest that will change your mood


Author: Hans

Imagine you wake up in the morning at your house (or somebody else’s house…) after a long night and you are supposed to go to work. Needless to say it is raining outside. How would it be you had something to make you feel like you just had an energy juice full of vitamins, an injection of happiness or like you pressed the button ,,turn on good mood’’. There is a way to make it real.

If you are that lucky to live in Greece, you know that living there is an everyday… surprise. You are just about to find out one, so keep reading!

,, Put Green in Your Life and… Change Your Mood ’’ is the name of a photo contest based on improving both your home experience and your mood. Send a photo of your interior or exterior space that you would like to redesign and explain to the others in a few words how incorporating green into your environment would change your mood. Amazing prizes are waiting for you.

Four Steps to Participate in the Contest

  • Visit the page http://www.facebook.com/vitaverde
  • Read the conditions on the tab named Contest
  • Send your photo to welcome@vitaverde.gr
  • Get the most likes on your photo and win the worthy prize- renovating your green space  (prize value- 1200 Euros) or be the second lucky plant fan and win unusual sky planters (prize value- 150 Euros).

Now you are just few clicks from getting the chance to be the lucky winner. That allows you to be the author of your own wonderful green corner that will make your living experience better and more enjoyable.

Green Matters

You may wonder why greenery is so important. It’s because pleasantly designed space with plants evokes emotions of happiness and satisfaction. Flowers make us feel more enthusiastic and less stressed. You would be surprised how much greenery increases your creativity, inspiration and improves your performance. Pick this colour of the rainbow and fill your life with green, because it will change your mood. A fascinating garden will not only make a nice and relaxing atmosphere, but will also help you find your harmony and balance (just in case you somehow lost them). This space that truly breathes and spreads beauty, makes you feel alive and optimistic.

It’s in human nature to take care of the others. A garden is a living organism that grows proudly in silence and is a great listener. It’s recommended that you sing to your flowers  too. It is a specific interaction between you and your garden, that will really improve your mood and evoke strong positive emotions.

How Green Changes Your Mood?

It’s rainy morning again and you are supposed to go to work (again…), but many things have changed. Now your green designed space wakes up your happiness, feeds you with energy and dresses your creativity. And you are ready to go!

After the  morning  always comes the night. That night you have some work to do, so you stay up late. Your flowers will keep the air fresh, help you concentrate better and be more productive without even a sip of coffee. Can you imagine that?!

Wouldn’t it be nice that tomorrow after night work, you gather with friends at home and you pick fresh mint leaves from your kitchen garden to enjoy a tasty mojito? Wonderful!

It takes only a couple of minutes to send your photo. So, don’t hesitate, show the world your sence of aesthetics and try your luck. I don’t need to mention that a fascinating garden also makes you a standard setter- anyone who sees it will love it and want it, too.

Some small changes in your house can make great difference in your everyday life and make you more happy and satisfied. Experience your own green space.