A balcony that will change your mood


Author: Dragana


Can an existing urban space change its form into a sustainable and green healthy environment? The answer is yes. Add a new dimension to a balcony in an urban area easily by implementing a living ecosystem. Ideas for designing your balcony are infinite so release your imagination, but don’t forget to consider all the factors in order to choose the right plants. You will be surprised how your lifestyle can be improved only by adding a green corner to your balcony.

This winter we held a Facebook photo contest to get in spring mood. The participants sent photos of their interior or exterior space they wanted to redesign and explained to the others how implementing green in that space would change their mood. There were many photos and many different points of view on how green changes the atmosphere and the mood of the people living in that space. Relaxation, aesthetics and enjoying the outdoor space where only some of the wishes of the participants. Sia Ntalouka from Filippiada, Greece saw her wish come true and now enjoys her blossoming balcony, her new island of beauty and relaxation.

This renovated space inspires creativity and differs from other urban balconies in the area, bringing a new sense of tranquility and life balance. This is the power of nature. We brought nature to Sia’s balcony and designed it in an innovative way. A small vertical garden with ferns was implemented in one corner of the balcony, hanging planters on the fence and nice planters with flowers were placed on the ground. This combination improved the overall appearance of the space and it changes the mood, which even we enjoyed after the long working day. The atmosphere totally changed and it was very pleasant to sit on the balcony and simply relax a bit after a day of work.

We hope that the winner will experience the pleasures of her vivid balcony for many years to come. How would you design the balcony of your dreams? Green your life and change your mood!