A balcony story


Author: Hans

The belief that something brings you happiness can make you feel calmer and as a result, able to perform more effectively. The best way for anybody to get to understand it, is by means of direct participation and experiences. At least, this is the feedback we receive from a special project, a dental office in the heart of Thessaloniki.

It is not by chance how the project became slowly, but surely one of our favourites. It has been giving us feedback from patients waiting in the dental office for over a year now. The dentist has been telling us over and over that his clients are so happy and amazed by the balcony and how they enjoy it. How many people enjoy waiting for their turn at the dentist? At least at this dentist we know that many clients experience their time in the waiting room as pleasant.

Why is that? Because the design combines aesthetics, energy and space use and above all it is based on people’s beliefs and needs. This is what we call a unique project: it suits both practical and personal needs of the customers, becoming an experience.

In the center of Thessaloniki, where cars and high buildings don’t  let you breathe and the urban environment keeps you trapped. We were asked to create a green space for the clinic’s clients, on only 6 meters square. We were very enthusiastic we could create a green space where people can escape from the everyday rhythm. We took the challenge to show how innovative solutions create extraordinary spaces: we used deck as a fence, modern planters at the top, transformed the emergency installation into a small piece of furniture, and gave the floor a green touch.

Once you’ll step in this warm and vivid dental office, you’ll see nothing but calm and relaxed persons who enjoy a small corner of silence in the heavy atmosphere of the town.

Check here for more information and pictures of the project.