A 5 star vertical garden for a 5 star resort


Author: Dragana

At the exclusive Sani Resort in Chalkidiki, Greece, everything exists in harmony. Since the whole resort has been developed and maintained to live in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, the idea of bringing nature and its beauty indoors fits the concept of the resort and its care about sustainability. One of the restaurants that has been renovated by Nimand Architects this spring embraced a big vertical garden that enhanced the interior aesthetics.

Sani vertical garden

Building a vertical garden is always a challenge and we love it because of the whole process, the needed creativity and the beautiful outcome. Seeing an empty wall completely transformed into a gorgeous green drapery cannot be easily described with words.

This impressive vertical garden is placed over the buffet and the view on it offers an extraordinary experience to the guests. The relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant is emphasized by this green project and guests of the resort enjoy nature even in the dining hall. Comfort and luxury portray the place and plants contribute to physical and mental well-being by creating a balance in the atmosphere. The plants also purify the interior air and increase a calm state of mind of the people spending time in the restaurant.

Sani resort

Having a meal at this restaurant is a real pleasure. The experience of enjoying different tastes is completed with the breath taking view on the vertical garden which intensifies the feeling of pure serenity, beauty and satisfaction.

Sani garden

This garden emits creativity, enthusiasm, vision and teamwork and fills the space with positive energy. Visit this getaway and experience your unique holiday in nature both outdoors and indoors!