6 years of creation


Author: Dragana

Established in 2007 in Greece, Vitaverde experienced six years of creation and innovation. We are grateful because during all these years you have been with us and together we have managed to find something positive that leads to constant improvement and development.


Six years have passed quickly and throughout this period we have faced many challenges. We are happy to remember the first steps Vitaverde took when it was born in 2007 and when interior planting was the main filed of expertise. Vitaverde rapidly developed and embraced innovation by creating landscape projects in your corporate and private spaces. In 2011 the company started its South-Eastern Europe expansion based in Belgrade and created many extraordinary spaces and experiences for people. Both the growth of the company and synergy with excellent people who are supporting it, make us proud of what Vitaverde is today. Passion and willingness, as well as great leadership and open-mildness, have helped Vitaverde achieve its goals and remain powerful and enduring brand.

Synergy, a common goal and hard work helped us turn our vision into a successful mission and then enjoy the results with you, our customers, suppliers, colleagues and media representatives. What we have learned together throughout these years is that everything is possible. 2013 came with new surprises and it challenges everyone to continue developing, growing and expanding. This year we expect to create many innovative green projects, to continue making a difference in people’s lives and to expand beyond Europe. The amazing feedback we receive from you, our customers and all the people we synergize with are encouraging us to celebrate the success and to continue developing ourselves.

Wouldn’t you agree that when you thrive for extraordinary, the years of creation are always there?