Author: Dragana

Today I will tell you a story. A story about ideas. Every idea starts from something small. It first needs to fall into fertile ground to support it. Once settled there it wants warmth to feel comfortable in its new environment. Then it can start developing. During the process it requires nourishment and refreshment. It cannot however grow wild, it needs adjustments. Even if something seems to have a negative impact, when you respond to it in the right way, it can turn out to be a valuable contribution. There are many involved in keeping the idea alive and helping it develop and grow. The more passionate every participant is about the idea, the more it flourishes and prospers. The outcome then becomes much more than the input of each factor. This is what we call SYNERGY.

So let us start synergizing now. We consider this conference to be the fruit that carries the seeds for a healthy green build industry. We believe that together we will provide the perfect conditions for these seeds to grow and create sustainable urban development.

This animation was part of Hans Buster’s presentation on behalf of Vitaverde at the International GreenBuild Conference organised by Ecoist on the 24th of November in Belgrade, Serbia. The presentation emphasised the importance of synergy in accomplishing sustainable development with beautiful design. The animation is a result of Beetroot and Vitaverde synergy.