Vertical garden

A vertical garden is the perfect solution to make a statement and create a welcoming environment. Each vertical garden design represents a unique arrangement of plants to create a vivid, colorful image on the wall. As experienced designers, constructors, and service providers of the highest-quality vertical gardens, we’ll ensure your specific needs are met from the design phase through the installation. Space-saving, air-purifying and stress-eliminating, a vertical garden will perfectly accentuate luxurious lifestyle filled with pleasure, peace and abundance. From bigger and impressive outdoor, to smaller and charming indoor vertical garden, it’s time your walls come alive!

Vertical garden projects

A place to refresh body and mind

Belgrade, Serbia

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Innovative solution for a bank

Thessaloniki, Greece

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Technology and ecology at a bank

Athens, Greece

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Ikos Oceania view by the pool

Nea Moudania, Halkidiki, Greece

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The perfect Sani resort scenery

Halkidiki, Greece

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